7 Best Football Autobiographies To Buy For Birthday Present


What can make any football fan to buy and read a book? The answer’s very easy, and I will tell you why. The only way we football fans can get closer to our idols or favourite teams and see what happens behind the scenes, its to buy their autobiographies and enjoy the stories they have written for us.

People might think that football fans don’t read books, but that’s not true. We do read books, especially if its autobiography that will tell us the details behind the footballer’s life and stories from the dressing room, we won’t move out from the sofa until we haven’t finished with the last page.

So to make it easy for you people I have created a list of some of the best football autobiographies in the past few years that you can find and truly enjoy it.

1. Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography


Our list will start with probably one of the best if not the best football manager ever in football history. The man who was 27 years at the wheel in Manchester United, making them the best English team and one of the best football teams in the World.

In his book, he is sharing his early years as a football player, as well as his, long and exciting career, as a manager. Also, he is addressing personal feuds, triumphs and highlights of his life on the pitch. A must-read book for all football fans around the World, even for those who support Liverpool.

2. A Life in Football: My Autobiography


The title of the cover gives you a hint of what is all about inside the book. One of the greatest Arsenal and England players in the past and present TV pundit it’s one of the most exciting figures in modern football.

In his book, Ian Wring will show you the extraordinary journey from living in a South London council estate to becoming a professional football player. Also, he will discuss how retirement affects footballers, the modern footballers and the social media, racism and many more exciting stories from his long career.

3. Peter Crouch: How To Be A Footballer


One of the most underrated and one of the funniest ex English players, Peter Crouch have given us the football fans a book that personally I think it’s one of the best sports autobiographies.

In this book, you will find out funny stories of his exciting career as a professional footballer and also how if you a pro player they will charge you £250 for a haircut. One of the most exciting and funny books I ever read. So it’s highly recommended.

4. Roy Keane: The Second Half


Manchester United and Ireland, Roy Keane one of the best midfielders in the recent past, made this masterpiece for us the true football people. Honest, brutal and straightforward on the pitch, he gives us the same brutally honest account of his last days as a player as well as the lows and highs to be a manager and also his life as a pundit.

Exciting, honest and full with interesting stories from his long and exciting career. Definitely, you have to put it in your must to-read list.

5. I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Probably some people don’t like the giant from Sweden, but no one can deny that he is one of the most gifted, extraordinary and controversial footballers for all times. Played for some of the biggest clubs in the World undoubtedly he is one of the best strikers in football even at the age of 38.

In his autobiography, you will find his difficult periods as a child after emigrating from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Sweden with his family as well as the very first steps of becoming a footballer. Plus many exciting and unforgettable moments from his impressive and very successful career.

6. Michael Owen: Reboot: My Life, My Time


One of the best goal scorers in the past, Michael Owen had a brilliant career playing for probably the best football clubs in the World. Starting his goalscoring run at Liverpool, he then continued doing the same at Real Madrid, Newcastle United and surprisingly for Manchester United.

Without doubt his autobiography it’s one of the most brutally honest football books you will read, and that’s why its one of the best football autobiographies out on the market. So don’t think twice before you buy it.

6. Treble Triumph: My Inside Story of Manchester City’s Greatest-ever Season


One of the best defenders Premier League ever had and Manchester City legend, Vincent Company opens the doors for all football fans to have a look at this incredible season Manchester City had. Wining treble of trophies and achieving records that will be remembered forever by the Man City fans. Also, he is sharing what is like, to live with the pressure to be part of one of the best teams in the World.

7. Even Heskey Scored: Emile Heskey, My Story

The unsung player who had a remarkable career as a player at Leicester and Liverpool is giving us this brilliant book. Inside you will find an honest account of his football career and also the story of Englands famous 5-1 win against Germany in 2001.

Once part of one of the best partnerships in the Premier League with Michael Owen, Heskey shares his few of racism in football, and how this affect footballers. Exciting and full with amazing stories this book must be on your shopping list.


All seven books in our list are genuinely amazing unveiling us incredible stories off and on the pitch of some of the most famous and successful managers and players.

But in my personal opinion the books you have to read it’s Sir Alex Fergusson and without doubt Zlatans Ibrahimovic autobiographies. In addition, if you wonder what to buy to your football maniac brother, boyfriend, father or just friend who has everything, this list its a great hint that will help you a lot of choosing the right present and will make it much easier for you.

Petar Leykov


  1. Hey,

    I see that you really are a football fan and a fanatic! Very original content title and beautifully selected literature for all football maniacs! You have a special target group that is also one of the biggest in the world, football. I would also like to know more about football and I think a book from here can help me, say I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Which book would you recommend to a beginner in football?

    • Thank you for your comment Jan. The book I would recommend to a beginner in football its Sir Alex Ferguson autobiography because he was one of the greatest managers in the world and the stories inside the book are amazing even for someone who never watched football. If not that one, go for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Unbelievable player and personality.

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