7 Best Football Shin Pads Of 2020


As we know, football its a contact sport and the risk of getting injured it’s high. That’s why footballers need protecting gear, and in this case, football shin pads are the perfect solution to keep your shins as much safe as possible. 

 Mainly the lower part of the body its the most vulnerable for the footballers, in particular, their feet. Everyone who plays football will know that hitting you in the shin, it’s very painful and might take you out of the game for a while. So that’s why footballers need to have good football shin pads to protect their feet. 

For some, wearing shin pads its pain in the neck, being uncomfortable because of their size or just because they hate the feeling of having something stick to their shins. But without having them, you are putting yourself at risk of suffering severe injuries at any level of the game.

 You don’t want to be caught by a pair of metal soft ground studs while you are making your run on the sideline. So that’s why I will show you the best ten football shin pads on the market that potentially might end up on your shins. 

1. Nike Mercurial Lite SuperLock


Image Nike.com

Price £31.95 / Buy now from Nike.com

A shin pad that most of the pro players use: Nike Mercurial Lite SuperLock will make you feel like you don’t have any shin pads on your feet. That will help you reduce the distraction of dealing with them and concentrate on the game.

With the SuperLock technology, your shin pads will lock into the sock fibres, and that will help them stay in place throughout the game. 

Another advantage is the low-profile, durable shell which is lightweight, so it won’t slow you down when you are moving on the pitch. Also, the foam in the inner part of the shins will give you a smooth and comfortable feeling when you put them on. 

2. Nike Mercurial Lite CR7


Image Nike.com

Price £23.95 / Buy now from Nike.com

Second in a row in our list, it’s another Nike product that comes with the Nike Mercurial Lite CR7. If you are a big fan of the Portuguese superstar, those shinguards will be the perfect addition to your football gear. But don’t get confused, they are not only for Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans. They will be perfect for anyone else. 

The low profile of the shell will give you that lightweight feature that you need on the pitch plus the durability to take a lot of kicks during game. 

Also, the dense foam cushions against impact and is perforated for breathability so your skin will feel fresh. Another big advantage is the sleeve that comes along with those shin pads. They will keep them in place during the game, so you won’t get distracted of adjusting your pads all the time. 


Price £19.99/ Buy now from Amazon.com

The first pair of shinguards from Adidas in our list its the X Pro model. As we know the speed in football, it’s essential and having heavy shin pads won’t help you much. But with the X Pro, you won’t have that problem because they offer a lightweight structure with a formidable defence. 

Also, the tough shields match the contours of your shin, to enhance your comfort and effectiveness on the pitch during a game. 

Another advantage is the moulded EVA cushioning wicks on the back that will keep your skin dry and fresh while the sleeves will hold your shin pads all the time in place. 

4. PUMA Ftblnxt Ultimate Flex Shinguards

Price £19.03 / Buy now from Amazon.com

The German sports giant Puma offer us this fantastic and extremely beautiful shin pads that combine black and yellow so well that you cant take your look away from them. They are not only beautiful but also bringing excellent quality as well. 

Those shin pads are lightweight and easy to apply. Anatomically shaped they will give you comfort with the EVA foam on the back of the pads that will provide extra cushioning and support to your feet. Also, the sleeves will make sure that your protectors are in place all the time. 

5. Nike Mercurial Lite Football Shinguards


Image Nike.com

Price £18.99 / Buy now from Nike.com

Another Nike product on our list and it seems that they do a good job by making affordable quality products and Nike Mercurial Lite it’s one of them. 

The name itself tells you that those pads are lightweight and that they won’t cause you any problem while you are playing your match. Their durable shell its made of thick foam padding for impact absorption while the flexible coating around the tibia will allow you to fit them naturally. So check them out and give it a go.  


Price £51.86 / Buy now from Amazon.com 

At number six in our list comes the Portuguese company that is entirely concentrated on making quality and also personalized shin pads. Popular among the pro footballer SAK MORPH shin pads are one of the best in the market. 

 They usually come a bit more expensive than other pads, but it’s well worth it because for the money you will spend on them, I guaranty that the level of quality it’s outstanding. No wonder that players such as Neymar, Pogba and William wear them. 

Using artificial intelligence algorithms and gathering information from digital 3D legs, those pads are optimized for different types of legs minimizing the risk of serious injuries. 

The outdoor layer of those pads its made of polymer materials that are used in the aerospace and military industries which makes them really light. While the foam inside has activated carbon particles that will prevent your skin from getting irritated and keep your skin fresh, plus the moisture-wicking will prevent the bad smell of your shin pads. 

We can describe them by one word-incredible.


Price £26.99 / Buy now from Amazon.com 

Another product of SAK found a place in our list and to be honest thas not a surprise. As we explained earlier, those shin pads are one of the best products you can find on the market and also very popular among pro footballers. 

SAK SHAPE is lightweight and easy to apply. They have a protective layer which is made of polymeric materials that give that lightweight structure. Moreover, the non-slip foam and the compression legs guarantee you that your shin pads will stay in place even if you run with 100 miles in an hour which is the thing that all footballers need. 

So if you feel like you don’t want to splash the cash for SAK MORPH, SAK SHAPE are available at a very affordable price that will give you quality. 

Also, you can check the prices of a huge range of shinguards at pro:direct.com

YES, We Do Need Shin Pads!

There are probably a lot of people who don’t like having shin pads on their feet because they might feel uncomfortable and distracted by there presence. But in reality, football shin pads are essential for footballers not to get severe injuries and protect them from the metal soft ground studs. 

About the size, smell, weight, being loose and falling all the time from your shin, the newest football shin pads are made from modern materials technologies that make them light, not smelly and staying tight on your feet in every move you do.

 So, please don’t be stubborn and next time when you go out on to the pitch think twice before deciding whether to put your pads on or leave them aside. 

Petar Leykov

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