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Puma is one of the biggest sports brands in the world, supplying with equipment hundreds of football teams, athletes and many other sports around the globe. Alongside Adidas, Puma was one of the first to start making football boots for footballers. Still, with the expending of the company and becoming more popular and famous with the time past by, they began to create not only football boots and trainers but also different ranges of lifestyle clothing from sports tops, shorts, underwear and jackets to hoodies, training pants and caps.

In this article, we will show you a collection with some of the newest Puma hoodies and jackets products on the market. With the iconic style of Puma and the evergreen Puma logo, they have managed to combine the old classic look with the new, modern nowadays style.

But let’s stop talking about it, and show you those fantastic products.

Puma Bangkok Track Jacket

Price £65.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com 


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Puma Bangkok Jacket its the example of how Puma combines the classic look with the modern nowadays fashion. Mixing chilli pepper with white and navy blue colours this jacket won’t let you unnoticed.

This jacket features a unique design inspired by traditional Thai artwork with a badge in honour of Hanuman know as the Hindu god of strength and knowledge. Also giving you full-length front zip, a ribbed hem and sleeve cuffs and of course the bespoke Hanuman badge.

Puma New York Track Jacket

Price £65.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com 


Have an outstanding look with the Puma New York Track Jacket. The simple but effective combination of dark blue and yellow alongside the bespoke city-based badge gives that jacket a standout look.

With the full-length front zip and stand-up collar, this jacket will keep you warm in chiller conditions whether you have a walk on the streets or just seeing a friend in the coffee.

Puma Amsterdam Track Jacket

Price £65.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com


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Saying just “WOW” it will be enough to describe this fantastic jacket, but it will be a pity if we don’t say a few things about it.

That jacket is fantastic itself but what makes it unique its the patterned look on the chest and shoulders which honours the Dutch technique and skill.

Another incredible feature is Amsterdam’s famous “XXX” symbol on the left-hand side on the jacket, which represents the Dutch capital’s football heritage—giving to the world football magicians and icons such as Johan Cruyff and Marco Van Basten and many more. So full credit to Puma for that original and so beautiful design of that truly fantastic jacket.

Puma Moscow Track Jacket

Price £65.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com


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So far we had Bangkok, New York and Amsterdam but the list won’t be fulfilled without the great and majestic city of Moscow. This jacket feature traditional pattern on the chest panel plus a design inspired by Moscow’s incredible history of art and architecture, bringing the style of the East to all players around the globe.

Another impressive feature is the bespoke Moscow club badge on the left-hand side of the jacket that gives you that complete look.

Puma BND Tech Protect Jacket

Price £75.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com 


When we are talking about a jacket who can protect you from adverse weather conditions, Puma BND Tech Protect its the perfect choice.

This jacket is made with dryCELL technology for ultimate comfort and also the Tech Protect Jacket with keeping you dry and warm in cold and wet conditions. Another addition is the pull-up hood which has a face mask that gives you additional coverage in extreme weather.

Puma ftbINXT Casuals Hoody

Price £55.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com


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We all love hoodies, and with these Puma ftbINXT Hoody, we will love them even more. Made with a raised front neck and a hood this top is the right pick when the weather makes a turn for worse.

Apart from keeping you warm this hoody has front zipped pocket where you can keep your stuff safe without worrying that you might lose them. Another great feature is the eye-catchy football graphic print and Puma No.1 logo on the back of the hoody for a distinctive look.

This hoody is available in two colours – grey and black.

Puma ftbINXT Pro Training Jacket

Price £75.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com 


Image prodirectsoccer.com

If you are looking for a training jacket which will keep you dry and cools your body when the action gets heated, then Puma ftbINXT Pro Training Jacket its the ideal candidate.

With the Vent System technology, your body temperature will be regulated thanks to the Vent Tape technology that brings the heat down during your hard training.

It is perfect for running and high-intensity training as well as playing football.

Puma ftbINXT Casuals Hoody Football

Price £55 reduced to £39.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com 


This lightweight and simple hoody it’s an ideal fit for football lovers who prefers having a long sleeve top while playing five aside on Monday evenings.

It features drawstrings hem with tone on tone embroidered eyelets and two side pockets. It is built of 66% cotton and 34% polyester.

Puma EvoStripe Full Zip Hoody

Price £60 reduced to £45.00 | Buy now at prodirecsoccer.com 


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If you like having your workout sessions in cool-weather conditions, so Puma EvoStripe Full Zip will make sure that your body will be provided with the warmth you need it.

The dryCELL technology and sweat-wicking materials will draw the sweat away from your skin so you will be dry and safe.

It features bio-based, sweat-wicking materials, double-knit full zip sweatshirt, bungee-style, elastic-drawstring hood, full zip closure with chin guard and chest silicone printed Puma Cat Logo.

Available in Forest Green and Cotton Black colours.


Puma ftbINXT 1/4 Zip Top

Price £50 reduced to £28.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com 


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Another excellent top for intensity training whether it’s going to be your daily run or intensive training on the pitch, this Puma ftbINXT 1/4 Zip Top it’s the ideal fit for you.

It offers you complete coverage and very adjustable ventilation through the 1/4 zip while the wick-sweating material will push the sweat off from your skin.

It features dreCELL wicking technology, 1/4 zip, mesh ventilation under the arms and ribbed cuffs and hem.

It is available in Dark Denim and Black colours.

Puma Special Edition Griezmann Vent Jacket

Price £90 reduced to £50.00 | Buy now at prodirectsoccer.com


To wrap up our collection list of Puma jackets and hoodies, we couldn’t pick up better choice than the Puma Special Edition Griezman Vent Jacket.

This jacket is based on the Griezmanns special edition Future 18.1 boots, and at the left-hand side, you will find the AG signature details.

Another feature of the jacket is the Vent System Technology which will keep you dry and warm while the pull-up hood will give that extra coverage.


Find the latest Hoodies and Jackets Football Collection at Pro:Direct.com 

Petar Leykov


  1. Wow, I am a great soccer fan and the clothes that Puma makes are always very cool designs, so much that I want them all, and it is difficult to decide on one, I think they are many designs for different tastes, you can use them to play sports or just to go for a walk, I loved them.

    • Thank you for your comment, Hector. Indeed you can use them either for sport or just casually for a walk in the park or just seeing friends.

  2. A sponsorship agreement with a famous athlete or musician guarantees more than a successful sale.
    promoting the urban value of the band.
    Adidas has a collection created in collaboration with Stella McCartney and A3 with Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander McQueen is pleased for Puma, and more recently, Hussein Chalayan became the company’s creative director.
    The huge investments in the marketing and image of sports brands, as well as the interest of designers and ordinary mortals in sportswear, only confirm the fact that the future of fashion is in sportswear.

    • I totally agree with you Kozakiv. Thank you for your comment. Sportswear is getting more popular with every year and every sports brand have customised collections of famous athletes in different sport categories. For example, Adidas have Pogba line, Nike have Neymar line and Puma have Griezman line which early earns hundreds of millions in profit on the market. 

  3. Hey Petar! Since PUMA it’s one of my favourite sportswears brands, I was interested to see what suggestions you have in your article, and I didn’t get disappointed. Even though I like them all, I will pick PUMA BND Tech Project Jacket, as its drycell technology sounds very comforting, and that’s something I’m looking for. Thank you for your choices and recommendatios.

    What does Tech Project mean for the BND jacket?


    • Thank you for your comment Hekuran. The Tech Protect its the dryCELL moisture-wicking technology that will prevent you from getting wet in rainy days—plus ventilating your body. 

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I am glad to see your article. I liked all of the puma hoodies and jackets in your article. Puma makes continually very cool design hoodies and jackets. My brother like also puma jackets and hoodies. You have many options for jackets and hoodies. I liked all but I’ll buy one for my brother because he also likes puma jackets. Since my brother is a football player, I think this Puma Bangkok Track Jacket would be good for him. And the color red was my brother’s favorite color. I hope my brother likes this jacket. So I’ll definitely buy this jacket. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Thanks and All the best.

  5. This is really an insightful post and i am sure that this article will be of great help to so many people just as it has really being of great help to me. This is a great article on puma hoodies and  jackets. this is a great collection i am sure that some of my friends will want to get one of these. thank you .

  6. Wow i really love this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…i really love this collection of puma hoodies and jackets….as football is my favourite sport i think this jackets would be nice for me i would definitely get them..

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