Sky Sports or BT Sport | Which Is The Better Football Channel?

BT Sport - vs - Sky Sport

If you cannot survive without watching football, then Sky Sports and BT Sport are essential for you. But which one is better and which one it will cost less for us? That you will find out in our guide by comparing prices, a number of games show on TV and which competitions you will be able to watch. 

Back in the days, it used to be easy if you wanted to watch football on your TV because you only had to pay for a Sky Sports subscription and job done. But everything changed in 2013 when BT Sport step out on the stage.

For a very first time, Sky Sports had a real competition of broadcasting football games and all kind of sports. Game is on. The competition between both sports channels means that football fans will have a wider choice and better offers to choose from. So, let’s find out how they compare on the market.

What Can you watch on BT Sport and Sky Sport?

If you choose to sign up to the full range of BT Sport channels, you will get BT Sport, BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3 and BT Sport ESPN. Thus you will have access to 52 live Premier League matches plus every single UEFA bt sport-vs-sky sport Champions League game. Also if you want to diversify from football, you can choose from other sports such as Rugby, NBA Basketball, Moto GP and Nascar.


On the other hand, if you fancy Sky Sports and sign up to them, you will get all 8 sports channels. That will give you a chance to enjoy 128 Premier League games throughout the 2019/20 season which is more than any other provider. Also, you will get 138 live EFL games, Live Carabao Cup and the SPFL ( Scottish League ) and live international Friendlies and Qualifiers.  bt sport-vs-sky sport

So it depends entirely on you which league and competitions you want to watch. In the battle for Premier League coverage, I think that Sky Sports is winning the point just because it gives you more Premier League matches throughout the season.

But in terms of club tournaments such as UEFA Champions League and UEFA League Europa, BT Sport is the categorical winner by showing all games throughout the season.

How Much Will Cost You If You Sign up to BT or Sky Sports?

Usually, you don’t have to be BT pay costumer to watch BT Sport or Sky pay costumer to watch Sky Sport. Both channels are available with the other TV providers which let you add the channels to your pay-TV package. But most of the times that will cost you more and the cheapest way is to subscribe them directly.  bt sport-vs-sky sport

BT Broadband and TV packages include the BT Sport channels, but if you are a customer of BT and don’t have BT Sports, you can usually add them for the price of £15 which is not too bad for all these channels.

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When it comes to Sky, if you want to have Sky Sport and BT Sport plus TV and superfast broadband that will cots you £72 per month, which is very bubbly. But if you are a customer of Sky and want to add Sky Sports channels that will cost you £20 per month for 18 months which is £5 more expensive than BT Sport but includes more Premier League games.

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Which provider to choose for better football coverage?

bt sport-vs-sky sport

It all depends on you and your own preferences. If you want more Premier League, EFL and SPFL games, then the better choice is Sky Sports although its more expensive. But if you are looking for a cheaper option that brings Champions League football in your home plus Premier League matches, then BT Sport it’s your channel.

There is another option that you might consider if you are not tight on the budget, which will satisfy all your football needs by signing up to both Sky Sports and BT Sport. That will bring the sport, in particular, the football heaven to you. So it’s your choice.

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