The 10 Best Football Sneakers Out On The Market


Football equipment has always been an important part of a football lovers life but apart from football boots, another essential part its the football sneakers.

The game of football is by far the most popular sport in the world. With the enormous success of the game, the equipment to play the sport has always been on demand. Many sneakers brands made football their golden source of money due to its worldwide popularity. Puma, one of the most famous and successful sports brands in the world, was one of the first to start creating football boots.

Doesn’t matter how comfortable football boots are, they don’t really translate to off-field use. Can you imagine wearing a pair of football boots with jeans and a shirt? I don’t think so. Thus, the creation of football-inspired sneakers comes into our world. Like in other sports such as basketball, these off-field interpretations of the favourite on-field shoes bring fans and casuals to excitement.

Some of the best and most successful sports brands in the world such as Nike, Adidas and Puma have a vast range of football sneakers, but each of them has iconical sneakers model that people associate with them. For example, Nike has Nike Air, Puma has Puma King, and Adidas has Adidas Samba.

What Materials Do They Use To Make The Upper Of Football Sneakers?

  • Leather – This material its flexible and yet sturdy also the elastic feature of the leather allows the material to be flexed. It is also known for resisting abrasion and tearing as well as a breathable material—That’s why the leather it’s one of the most common choices for a shoe upper. The negative side of the leather is that it’s heavier than the other materials, more expensive and capable of water damage.
  • Synthetic – This material can be considered as a human-made product. Examples of synthetics are polyester, spandex, acrylic and Kevlar. Synthetic has different characteristics when its compared to other materials such as leather. That material it’s used for the making of football sneakers. Because of, its lightweight and breathability features, as well as the lower price of the product.
  • Textile – This material offers different varieties such as different denier, weaves and knits. Four textiles are utilised for the making of football sneakers uppers – that is cotton, polyester, wool and nylon. That gives designers the advantage of versatility when it comes to designs and styles.

The Best 10 Football Sneakers

Adidas Sobakov 

Price £44.98 to £61.80/ Buy now from Amazon


This shoe is a recent addition of Adidas football sneakers collection. The shoe has a unique variation of the three-striped symbol that is inspired by the Samba model. This footwear also has a mesh upper and a gum bottom outsole which herringbone pattern makes it unique.

The materials used for the making of this model are leather for the outer part and textile for the inner part and rubber for the sole. This model’s also available in multiply colours, thus giving you a wide range of options when it comes to picking up your favourite colour sneakers.

Adidas Samba OG 

Price £55.99/ Buy now from Amazon


Initially, this Adidas shoe was created to be worn like a football trainer on a frozen pitch, but with the time that shoe became one of the most popular football trainers.

That footwear has been made of eco-friendly materials inside and out while the iconic three stripes on the side give that authentic Adidas vision.

Other features of that shoe are the full-grain leather upper that gives that additional comfort plus the suede forefoot overlays for better protection. Also, the rubber sole will provide the perfect traction so you can wear this lovely shoe either indoor or outdoor.

Adidas Kamanda 01 

Price £95.13/ Buy now from Amazon 


The history of Kamanda can be traced back to the ’80s when a prototype inspired by football fans favourite styles wasn’t released on the market. The shoe gum rubber outsole has design cues taken from the legendary Samba tread pattern.

This time three perforated lines replace the legendary three stripes on the side which makes the design more modern but at the same time keeps the iconic Adidas trademark.

The upper of the shoe is made of pigskin nubuck with a rubber shell toe alongside the Kamanda heel branding while the lining it’s done with full-grain leather plus the OrthoLite sock liner for a better feeling.

Adidas Samba RM

Price £91.21/  Buy now from Amazon


With its timeless low-profile style the Samba keeps winning fans all around the world since 1950s debut as indoor trainers. With a modernised design that adds aerodynamic proportions and the art cushioning technique, these shoes stay true to their legacy.

The upper its made of flexible leather with a suede T-toe while Adidas “S4M3A” logo it’s on the side of the shoes, the outsole is made of rubber whit the full-length Boost midsole gives you the perfect comfort. Perfect to wear either with Jeans or Joggers.

Adidas Samoa 

Price £59.00/ Buy now from Amazon 


These shoes have been unstoppable since the ’80s when they emerge as an all-around trainer to recent days when their status as streetwear icon it’s untouchable.

The sleek and aerodynamic shape of these shoes makes them very popular and attractive for both genders. Like most of the soccer-inspired lifestyle kicks, this footwear offers a classic look as well as durability because of the distinctive rubber toe bumper.

The upper is made of synthetic while the outsole its entirely made of rubber.

Puma Astro Kick 

Price £33.15/ Buy now from Amazon


This classic and clean, soft suede trainers design it’s inspired by football fans all around the globe. With the branded tongue and the classic Puma Formstrip at the sides, you can wear these footwear no matter what the occasion is.
With the SoftFoam technology and Pumas sockliner for instant step-in, these shoes will provide you with soft cushioning at every step you take during your day.

This low boots upper is made of suede and synthetic leather with bold branded synthetic tongue, while the outsole its made of rubber for better grip. Another plus of this model is the wide variety of colours that is available in black, red, green and white, which allows you to pick your favourite colour.

Adidas Samba OG MS 

Price £70/ Buy from Amazon 


Originally this Samba OG MS was designed by Adi Dassler in 1950 to give footballers stable and secure shoes on icy turf. But since then that footwear becomes iconic and a favourite for the urban cyclists.

Because of the full-grain leather, these shoes have a sturdy feel and also with the gusseted tongue and a water-repellent suede toe, they are perfect in protecting bike commuters from the rain.

The materials used for the making of the upper part of the shoe is a grain leather while the cupsole its from gum rubber for more stability.

Please don’t get confused; they are not only for a cyclist; everyone can wear them because they go well with everything.

Adidas Samba Super Suede

Price £69.99/ Buy now from Amazon 


In recent years Adidas Samba Super Suede has been one of the shoes where their price always stays the same doesn’t matter what season it is. That proves the quality of that iconic sneaker through all these years.

The upper part of the shoe its made of smooth suede while the midsole its made of lightweight EVA. With the football-inspired outsole, these shoes pay tribute to the heritage of Sambas line.

Personally, I would recommend these shoes if you are looking for good quality and long durable shoe. I had them for many years, and I couldn’t be more happier with them.

Nike React Element 55

Price £114.95/ Buy now from Nike 


That incredible shoe borrows design lines from heritage runners like the Nike Internationalist and then place it on Nike React technology. These kicks are not only incredibly well looking, but also it’s very comfortable to wear.

With the lightweight textile and synthetic upper wearing them will give you that subtle sheen for an elevated look. Also, Nike React technology will provide you with that smooth ride that we are all looking for plus the easy way to put them on and off with the pull tab at the heel.

Nike Air Max 97 

Price £144.95/ But now from Nike 


One of the most iconic kicks of all time Nike Air Max 97 it’s still making waves over two decades since they have been released on the market. Bringing back that iconic shoes to life, Nike upgraded them with plush and lightweight features as well as a modernised retro design with repeating “Nike” graphic all around the shoe.

The low profile rubber enhances durability and gives you that sleek look when it’s on your feet. Another feature is the Max Air unit, which provides that responsive cushioning while the TPU window in the outsole will allow you to see inside the Max Air unit. Undoubtedly these kicks are one of the best on the market, and the best thing is that they will always stay trendy.


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Petar Leykov


  1. I’ve always been a huge fan of the adidas ones, but the Nike Air Max 97 are really cool, I hadn’t seen them until I read your post and just ordered a pair for me. Thanks for writing such an extensive and insightful article about this, it really helped me decide which ones to buy because I was in desperate need of a new pair!

    • Thank you for your comment and I am really happy that I helped you somehow to choose the right pair of kicks for you. 

  2. Hi

    Thank you very much for reviewing these 10 best football shoes to wear, as you still need to look good when you are not on the pitch. You need to not only look good but must be comfortable to wear whilst you do your activities. I really like your choices as they not only look good, they bring a touch of class to the football sneaker weary. They are reasonably  priced as well, so they will  not exactly break the bank.

    It is not only the label but the quality  of the shoes themselves.



    • Thank you for the comment, Antonio. I agree with your view and definitely to look good doesn’t always mean that it’s comfortable. But in these case looking good and feel comfortable mix very well. 

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