The 11 Best Football Socks For 2020


Without any doubt, football socks are essential for your performance on the pitch, so make no mistakes when you are choosing the right pair for you.

When you are out on the pitch, the last thing you want to happen during the game is your football socks to cause an uncomfortable feeling accompanied by itchiness or even worse – terrible blisters.

For our big disappointment nowadays finding the best football socks it’s more complicated than its ever been unless if you know what you are looking for. Out there its all types of shapes, sizes and cool brands with new technologies to keep your feet as comfortable as possible.

But don’t worry, that’s why I am here to show you the best picks you can choose from.

What Must I Look For When Buying Football Socks

You might think that buying football socks its an easy peasy job but believe me it isn’t. Being comfortable on the pitch, it’s the most important thing for your performance which means that you need to put as much thought into your socks as your next pair of football boots or shin pads.

  • Blister Prevention –  Having blisters, it’s probably one of the worst feelings during a game. But for our best luck nowadays best football socks feature technology to help you stay blister-free, which is a blessing for all people who play football.
  • Moisture-Wicking –  You might be surprised, but there are socks with sweat-wicking fabrics that will prevent any moisture from building up and even reducing the sweaty socks smells in your feet. How cool is that!!!
  • Sizing – Last but not least, it’s the sizing of your socks. From my own experience, I know that it’s important your both socks being the same size. Because having the one sock longer or shorter than the other, firstly it looks ridiculous and secondly will distract you during the game. So make sure your socks are the same size.

12 Best Football Socks For 2020

With all these shapes, sizes and mindblowing technologies out there, the range of football socks it’s vast. Therefore it isn’t very easy to choose which one to go for, especially buying socks it isn’t the most exciting purchase you will ever make.

To make your decision easier for your future shopping I made a list of the best football socks you can buy in 2020. So please don’t panic, everything it’s under control.


Price £14.04/ Buy now from Amazon 

To start our list the first choice, we are coming with its the Adidas Adisock. This sock has anatomically placed cushioning for better support and protection of your hight stress areas. Also, the mesh inside will provide the wearer with fresh feeling thanks to the Climacool technology which provide ventilation to your feet. Moreover, these socks have ergonomic fit for left and right foot for maximum comfort on the pitch.


Price £8.95/ Buy now from Nike
The first sock from giant Nike on our list comes in the way of the Nike Squad Crew Socks. That is a brilliant product with a popular design worn by teams all around the country. These socks feature sweat-wicking fabric that the wearers of this product will benefit greatly. Also, the Dri-Fit Technology will help to keep your feet dry and comfortable during the game. So that makes them the perfect socks if you like having dry and comfortable feeling on the pitch.


Price £24.95/ Buy now from Nike 

These fantastic socks are packed with all modern technologies, and that’s why they are one of the most popular football socks among footballers. Packed with the comfort, sweat-wick fabric and zonal cushioning these pair will take your game to the next level. Also, the advanced gripping yarn will provide you with traction inside and outside the sock for better stability.


Price £10.95/ Buy now from Nike

As the name suggests, these socks are for players who like having their socks high above the knee. They combine sweat-wicking fabric and strategically-placed cushioning for comfort and protection on the pitch. Also, the Dri-Fit tech will keep your feet dry and comfy while the reinforced heel and toe will give you a durable sock, which will last for long.


Price £31.17/ Buy now from Amazon 

With these socks, Adidas raises the bar on another level. Alphaskin is made to enhance and match your movement on the pitch. As well as supporting your muscles, for more comfort during, a game. Also, the cushioning is placed in high-stress areas for better support on your feet plus the anti-slip grip yarn on the inside the cuff for more stability.


Price £5.99/ Buy now from Amazon 

These are the first football socks on our list from the giant of the sports manufacturing world Puma. To put the pressure down, it doesn’t require from you to be the biggest La Liga fan if you want to have them. Built with knitted mesh inside, they give more breathability to your foot while the cotton heel and toe will provide you with better comfort. So easily these football socks can be worn by all players, it doesn’t matter whether you watch La Liga or not.


Price £6.79/ Buy now from Amazon 

You might be surprised here by not seeing one of the big sports brands placed in this position. However, this modest and well-respected brand Joma gives us a football sock which will provide you with comfort and a good fit for all types of shin pads. Also, the antibacterial technology will save your feet from that terrible smell after a football game. In addition, I would like to say that everyone who has watched semi-professional football will notice that many teams are dressed up with Joma. So don’t underestimate this brand of high-quality products.


Price £20.86/ Buy now from Amazon 

We all know how annoying and painful it is to play with blisters on your feet. That will distract and prevent showing the best of you on the pitch while everybody will ask themselves what’s going on with you. So that’s why you should consider having these football socks who have increased cotton count for extra traction and spandex in the heel to ensure the foot is locked in place. Also, the Dri Fit tech will keep your feet dry and fresh.


Price £22.99/ Buy now from Amazon 

When you see the logo of this American sports brand giant, you straight away think of American Football or Rugby. But in recent years these brand entered the football world, and honestly, they have been doing not too bad. Examples for that is their partnership with Tothnahem in the past and Southampton nowadays.

So in terms of football socks, they are doing equally well, and these model its proof of that. They are made from high-quality materials and will provide you with comfort and durability. Also, the sweat-wicking fabric will keep your feet dry and cool while the ArmourBlock tech will prevent the growth of odour and keep your feet safe.


Price £10.95/ Buy now from Nike

One of the biggest French teams in the world PSG create a very successful relationship with Nike, and since their union, they manage to create a lot of beautiful projects together. One of them it’s these fantastic pair of socks which are not only pleasant to watch but also are made of high-quality materials.

The Dri-Fit technology will keep your feet dry and comfortable while the cushioning in the high-wears areas will add extra durability to your foot. So, even if you are not the biggest fan of PSG, definitely these football socks will draw your attention.


Price £21.16/ Buy now from Amazon 

Last but not least in our list is Adidas Rivalry Football OTC socks. Simply these football socks are made to deliver comfort to their wearers. They are made of breathable and elastic materials that will give your feet that cool and refreshing sensation plus the advantage of keeping your feet dry with the Climacool technology. Another advantage of them is that they are available in different colours and sizes.

Ways Of Wearing Football Socks

There are a few ways how to wear your football socks, but frankly, it depends on you. If you are a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo’s style of wearing his socks, then go for it. If you don’t fancy them so high, then you can wear them like Paulo Dybala or a bit vintage like the great Francesco Totti.

But the most important thing is to have your shin pads well locked in place without any movements because they are really protecting footballers from more severe injuries and also if they are loose you won’t feel comfortable on the pitch.

Share your view and give me your most favourite pair of football socks in the comment area down below.

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